India’s workforce of 484 million people (in 2011) has the potential to increase to 850 million by 2025 | Over the next decade, India will need to bring down the production of cereals and dramatically increase the production of milk, fruits and vegetables | India is expected to have as many smartphones as bank accounts by 2020; around 625 million of both | India’s imports of goods have gone up >6X in US $ terms the last 10 years to 2014 while exports have grown < 5X – creating an inevitable and growing gap | By 2025, 21% of India’s urban population will live in cities which have populations of greater than 10 million | India will have around 270 million households in 2015 with 95 million of them being in urban India and the rest 175 million being in rural India

Akhilesh Tilotia

Meet Akhilesh Tilotia

Akhilesh Tilotia is an inveterate dot-joiner of patterns in economies in general and markets in particular. He delights in trawling the country in search of people and companies for ideas that compel research. A thematic research analyst with the institutional equities arm of the Kotak Mahindra Group, he has also been an investment banker,

Expert Reviews

Utsav Mitra
Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to the Minister of Power, Coal and Renewable Energy, Govt of India.
It's more an analyst's / investor's perspective which I find far more practical & actionable versus a theoretical economist's book (too jargon-y and abstract) or a journalists's book (often shallow / or agenda-driven with selective cherry picking of facts). And the line of thinking and facts echo my own thinking fully, except you've encapsulated them far more succinctly! The initial chapters on skilling as well as the section on private costs of public failure are simply mind blowing and deserve attention (and action) at the highest levels.

Pradeep Kashyap
Founder and CEO, MART
I enjoyed reading it. You have taken pains to mine extremely useful data from so many government sources. What I liked most was your incisive analysis and interpretation of data and projecting trends for the future. You need to be commended for tackling a wide canvas from agriculture to SME, Organized industry, services sector and macro themes around GDP, employment, poverty and more.
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